let us make the sun work for you!

Power your commercial or residential building with the most reliable solar panels on the market and high quality installation. Get more power out of Go Solar Go installed system, save much more money and help the environment. We carry many different brands of solar panels, mounting systems and inverters. Made in the USA as well as off shore. Your choice of many different panels like super black and Colored solar panels that match your roof color and fill up your complete roof. We do have low interest rate financing. Home solar installations are our expertise. Did we wake up your interest? Please call Go Solar Go today.

how solar can work for you?

Home Solar Finance 


Go Solar Go systems are great investment with saving for the next 25 years and plus. We offer you lower interest rate and affordable monthly payment. 


With Go Solar Go home and commercial installation you get 8 to 10% return of investment. Every morning sun rises you start making money until sun down. 

Solar power can supply up to 100% of your home or office building's energy. At Go Solar Go, Our engineers are experianced at assessing your property to determine its special needs. From the first site inspection through to installation , our team will ensure you get the most of your solar panels installation. 

why Go Solar GO?

IT is very simple . We bring our knowHow from seven years of making solar panels in Dallas. We wont just provide solar panel like everybody else. We will design and install estaticly pleasant panels. Our tile red panel will be a  great match to Spanish Red tile. We would provide panels in 11 different colors such as forest green , gold , pink, red tile and etc.  

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